I have decided to give training updates/progress through this blog. Honestly, it’s mostly because I spend way to much time pointlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and never updating my supporters on my training. I’ll catch you up to speed in a few short lines.

Last summer I believed I heard a calling from God to pursue moving to Uganda with my family. Then I began feeling the call to do something more. That something more was attempting to set the supported speed-record on the Appalachian Trail. This is where you have a crew who helps you with re-supply daily and you focus on getting through the trail fast. Before you get a bad taste from my method, I love the AT. I love everything about it. I love that God created so many ways to enjoy nature. My favorite one personally is covering a lot of ground fast (running/speed hiking). This is definitely not the only way to enjoy the AT in my opinion. I won’t get too deep into that now, maybe in a later post. Anyway, I decided to attempt to raise $100k for the Village of Eden Orphanage in Uganda through this attempt. When my wife and I were completely on the same page, I quit my job and began raising support to train and raising support for the attempt itself.

I went to the Village of Eden for a couple weeks with Amy in October, and everything I was feeling was immediately confirmed. This is where we are supposed to be. Unfortunately the couple of months before the trip did not go as expected in training. I was barely in better shape coming back from Uganda than I was in the beginning of this journey. With hopes that my training would take off at that point, I was only disappointed. From October to January I did train in spurts but constantly dealt with trying to recover with injuries. These injuries included hamstring, achilles, calf, and knee.

During this time I did win a Facebook contest and First Endurance sent me a years supply of their entire product line. This was sort of a cornerstone in the journey. Something finally went right! Also in December, I had a couple I had met once commit to support this journey very generously financially. So even though I wasn’t the most find ultra runner in the world, some things were going well. In January I ran 24 Hours of Hostelity, and this really kickstarted my training. Over the past few weeks I feel like my fitness has tripled! Taking some of the best endurance products out there also helps.

I didn’t cover everything, but I hope to in the coming weeks. I hate long blog posts, so I will stop here and commit to never writing one longer than this. Hopefully they are all much shorter! You can expect a lot of training updates with some pictures and such.


The stash from the First Endurance Facebook contest!
The stash from the First Endurance Facebook contest!
Malachi and I about to go on a 4.5 mile trek over Hurtin' Gator
Malachi and I about to go on a 4.5 mile trek over Hurtin’ Gator
7 hours into 24 Hours of Hostelity in January.
7 hours into 24 Hours of Hostelity in January.

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