Why I started a training blog, and why it took so long.

I’ve always been a little hesitant to put my training out there for others to see. If I post too many miles or too fast of a time, it seems as though I am screaming “look at me, look how fast I am!” If I slack on my running and don’t have a good week, I am self conscious about how it is perceived. I’ve finally come to a place that I realize I am me, and my training is specific to me. Sometimes I struggle and sometimes I run fast. It’s not for anyone else.

With so many people supporting the Running for Eden journey, I do want to let you know how it’s going. I want to let you know when I’ve slacked off as well as when training is going great. And theres some pretty funny things that happen in training that I would love to share with some people 🙂 I’ll begin with catching you up on this week.

Miles- 20
Time- 3 hours
Where- Mountain Goat 3 times.
Anything interesting- caught my first snake of the season, now my gloves smell like snake musk.
Favorite song on shuffle today-“Gangsta’s Paradise” -Coolio

Miles- .66
Time- really?
Where- Winshape
Anything interesting- I started running toward snow loop. 1/3 of a mile in I had to turn around and make it to a bathroom, or so I thought! The rest of the story is really gross, really really gross. Lesson learned, take my multi-vitamin with dinner on a full stomach or I will regret it. Decided to take the rest of the day off and let my stomach settle.

Miles- 20.06/6.03 total 26.09
Time- 3:10/:56         total 4:06
Where- house up backside of gator, ridge trail to scenic, down scenic to the trail that runs behind stonebridge golf course. Frost chapel to refill on water, Hurtin’ gator back home. run #2 I ran up to the ridge at Rocky Mtn. from the house and back.
Anything interesting- the wind chill was around 30 when I started, and that was after stalling for over an hour to start my run! It took me 5 miles for my body to really get going, I was still cold though. I am ready for the cold to leave! Favorite song on shuffle today- “My mother was a Chinese trapeze artist” -The Decemberists

First snake of the season. Yes, I like to catch snakes sometimes.
First snake of the season. Yes, I like to catch snakes sometimes.
Found a wasp nest on the run this evening.
Found a wasp nest on the run this evening.

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