17 years is a long time, but for us it’s been a good time.

On this morning 17 years ago I woke up excited to go on a date with a beautiful girl who was in my sophomore Spanish class at Coosa High. On that morning I didn’t think that 17 years later I would kiss her goodbye as she left for work and then sit by our son watching the new version on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! It’s been a good 17 years.

I’d like to share with you our “secret too success”. Ready for it? Here goes… I don’t know. I do know we’ve worked hard at getting to know each. We trust each other now, but it took over 10 years! We’re not afraid to talk. Our favorite “quality time” is watching tv. We forgive each other when one of us screws up. We’ve always got each other’s back no matter what. Although we live seemingly boring life, we are following each other on the AT and to Uganda!!! Seriously, shouldn’t that be some sort of super couple that the husband rents limos and takes the woman to the airport and flies her to Paris for dinner? Shouldn’t it be the couple who has it all together? Well we’re not that couple, but this is our journey. God chose the Burnett’s who went on their first date 17 years ago today to go on this exciting and unpredictable journey.

We’ve been together 17 years now, and it’s worth more than 100 trillion dollars to me. So in a very real way, I am more than a trillionaire. I love you babe. I’m excited you will be with me this summer.

Oh, and here’s the past 2 days mileage.

Miles- 4.2/8.1 total 12.3
Time: 1:07/1:53 total 3:00 3600 ft ascent, 3600 ft descent in 8 miles.
Where: hike with a great friend on Dugger loop. 4 repeats on straight-up trail to House of dreams, ouch!
Interesting- so windy! After 2 repeats, I ran back to Richards house and sat in my car trying to talk myself into getting out of the car and finish the workout. Finally I did. This run hurt as much going down as it did going up.
Favorite song on shuffle- the workout was so hard I didn’t even pay attention to the music.

Miles 30.22
Time 5:38
Where- house through rocky mtn, across sand springs to snow loop. Rollins to main campus, saw Justyna for a couple miles! Back to house via old stretch, goat, sand springs. Today I really needed a coke, so I threw out an SOS on Facebook to anyone at Berry. Richard comes through again with 2 ice cold cokes, the highlight of my run at the 22.5 mile mark. Struggled at the end knowing that I’ve got another long run tomorrow. Anything Interesting- found a toilet paper stash midway through snow loop. Could come in handy one day.

Favorite song on shuffle- First song when I hit shuffle, set the tone for the day “Be thou my vision” -David Bazan

Our 17th dating anniversary picture.
Our 17th dating anniversary picture.


Trees permanently drooping over trail at Rocky Mtn from the snow storm.
Trees permanently drooping over trail at Rocky Mtn from the snow storm.




Someone had a great idea on snow loop. Glad to know this is here.
Someone had a great idea on snow loop. Glad to know this is here.



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