God, I have nothing to give you. Midweek update

This week has gotten off to a slow start. Let me confess that Monday I ran 0 miles! I had so many good excuses as to why, but none of which will suffice when I am on the AT this summer. You have heard it said that excuses are like buttonholes. Everyones got them and they all stink. Yes that got autocorrected, but I think I’ll leave it that way 🙂

On a more serious note, Amy lost an uncle this week. We are actually headed to the funeral in Cartersville in about an hour. I usually don’t get emotional about death, but there have been a couple times I have this time. The reason is that I have seen how much he loved his 2 sons and wife and how much they loved him. I have always looked at his relationship with his sons who are early 20’s and wanted that with my son. I have seen so many relationships that are broken or superficial at best between dads and sons. It’s a relationship that is rare, but they showed me it is possible. To lose him so suddenly when they loved him so much… I don’t think there is anything tougher in the world.

This has again reminded me how God holds everything in his hands… I mean everything. I was listening to “The Explicit Gospel” by Matt Chandler during my run yesterday. It talks about how we have nothing to bargain with, God owns it all. If he didn’t allow us to have it, we wouldn’t have it. We often think we can bargain with God. “God, I’ll give you my life if you just do this”, “God if you will just heal this person, I will never drink again.” Just about anyone who talks to God has attempted to bargain with him, I have more times than I can remember. WE HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER! Your life? If he wants it he will take it. Your money? God conjured the universe from nothing. Do you think he actually needs your money? He owns it all.

I could be scared knowing that he could take my life today if he wanted, or even worse my wife or my son. But I want to live in a way in which I trust him with everything and hold nothing back from him. Knowing that he knows the way everything affects everything. He knows every scenario and how it affects my life in 20 years. I want to remember and live like I believe this everyday, sometimes I need help being reminded of this profound truth. Okay, I promised I wouldn’t write extremely long posts, so here’s my training so far this week.

0- blah

miles- 20
time- 3:00
On and off all day, run a few, take a break. A couple mountain goats, and a dugger loop.
Favorite song on shuffle: Listened to Coffee Break Bible podcast episodes 4-6. Got I great quote I’ll be sharing soon from episode 5!

Time- 2:26
Snow loop plus House of Dreams then down hurtin gator. Took a lunch break then 4 more before I had to meet Ryan at his office.
What did I listen to? Richard loaded his iPod with audiobooks and left it at the “aid station” at his house. How awesome is it that I have an aid station at Winshape 🙂 I listened to the first couple hours of “The Explicit Gospel” by Matt Chandler. Although I don’t think my comprehension is great listening while I run, I retain some of it.


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