GA Death Race

GA Death Race
68ish miles
38,000 feet of elevation change
Time- 14:09

So it turns out that 100+ mile weeks with lots of climbing and (mostly) proper nutrition is beginning to work. My intention in running GDR was to get a great 68 mile workout in and to assess where my fitness level really is. After running a very consistent race and feeling strong all the way through, I’d say I’m happy with where I’m at with nearly 3 months of training left before the AT speed-record attempt this summer.

Race Highlights:

-Run Bum pulled off one of the most well organized races I have ever run. Great aid stations, volunteers, course markings, etc… I would recommend this race to anyone crazy enough to try it.

-Having a crew of Brack, David, and Bryan getting me what I needed really quickly was awesome. Brack forced me to eat much more than I normally would have if I didn’t have a crew, I think this made a huge difference in my energy level.

-I’m estimating I drank over 72 ounces of coke/pepsi during the race which is at least a 6 pack. Other foods included pb&j, pickles, potatoes, chicken broth, brownies, and apple sauce.

-Brack and Dustin always bringing extra stuff because they know I will forget something. This week it was a headlamp from Brack and a phone charger from Dustin. I’m sure they gave me more stuff that I don’t remember. And writing this, I just remembered I owe Dustin for dinner.

-First Endurance products are working! During the race I used EFS, liquid shot, pre-race, and 2 full servings of Ultragen. I have been taking Optygen HP and Multi-V daily for about a month now. I am predicting 2-4 servings of Ultragen a day on the AT this summer!

-From beginning to end I had no idea what time it was or what place I was in, and it never even crossed my mind. I just ran on how I felt, which turned out to be quite a freeing experience. Priorities are changing for me 🙂

-Seeing Dustin finish 3 hours faster than last year!

-Seeing familiar faces pass by in a gray truck. Then hearing that Lance paced Shane to a successful finish.

-Met some really cool runners during and after the race.

-Deano actually had baby dill pickles at mile 53! I don’t know if y’all realize how much better they are than regular dills, but you should try them if you don’t. Thanks Deano!

Next up is Operation Endurance 24 Hour run in 2 weeks. But now I think I will take a nap 🙂

Weekly mileage-108 miles
Time- About 21 hours.

Dustin and I before the race.
Dustin and I before the race.


4 thoughts on “GA Death Race

    1. Great meeting you as well Jason! Thanks for your interest in following this journey. I won’t be running Thunder Rock, although it sounds like an incredible race. I have tried to stick to my plan by not running many races in training for this attempt. Outside of a 24 hour this weekend, I am only doing a 4 day a the end of April which I am attempting to simulate my days on the AT this summer. I hope to run into you again soon. Now go crush it at Thunder Rock!

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