This week in training.

Weekly totals:
mileage- 100.78
Time- 17:44

Monday- 4.3 miles
Time- 1:05

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 20.38
Time- 4:35

Thursday-9.02/6.73/6.63 total- 22.38 miles
Time- 1:12/:56/:57 total-3:05

Friday- 8.95/11.07 total- 20.02 miles
Time- 1:30/1:42 total-3:12

Saturday- 33.70 miles
Time- 5:46

Spent the first couple days of the week recovering from the effort at the GA Death Race. Felt really good to get back in the groove on Wednesday and squeeze out 97 miles in 4 days. I felt surprisingly good the last few miles of the 33 miler Saturday. As always I appreciate the prayers and support as I attempt the impossible. Many think I am crazy for believing this journey is possible, sometimes I think the same thing. Visit to find out more on the journey I am on.

Really cool thing happened this week! As I said before, I have an aid station at one of the Winshape foster homes. I seriously have it stocked with over $100 of groceries and supplements. This allows me to run different loops and stay fueled all day. I opened up the drawer this week, and Richard had bought me a brand new pair of Saucony Kivarnas! p.s. I freaking love these shoes! I am extremely thankful how close this journey has brought Richard and I. It’s awesome to have wisdom and friendship from someone who has made some decisions as crazy and crazier than I have.

Something funny: I had to rip up my GDR 2013 shirt mid-run on Saturday. It double as really soft single ply TP!

Favorite music on shuffle this week: “The Mariners Revenge Song” -The Decemberists, “My Home’s in Alabama” -Alabama

The remains of my GDR 2013 shirt.
The remains of my GDR 2013 shirt.

Aid station at Winshape Homes.
Aid station at Winshape Homes.

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