A rest week, sort of.

So I decided on taking a “rest week” since Malachi has been on spring break. We went to the AT and did a little hiking/camping, and gave out some trail magic. Met lots of thru-hikers we hope to see later on in the summer. We hiked about 12 miles and up a couple mountains including Blood Mountain. So that 12 miles was all I did this week… except for the 24 hour run tomorrow. So even though it was a rest week, I hope to get 100 miles in. I am excited to get to see a lot of friends this weekend. The Race Director Kena is one of the biggest direct influences into longer ultras. Somehow talking to her a few years ago during and after a couple 12 hour races, she seemed to make me feel like anything is possible in running 🙂 Thanks Kena!

In other news, we are doing a final fundraiser for the AT speed-record attempt this summer. It’s a giveaway. If you do have any product or services that you would like to donate, just drop me a line at running4eden@gmail.com to let me know. We will be doing the giveaway in a few weeks. Thanks again for all the support y’all.



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