A belt buckle, finally.

Well I got my first belt buckle this past Sunday morning around 4 am. It was at Operation Endurance which was a .9962346 mile loop or something like that. All I know is that at 70 laps when I was very aware that I had 30 laps left, I got the nice surprise from Perry and Kena that I had to run 101 laps for 100 šŸ™‚ I have a lot of thoughts on the race but here are some highlights so I don’t bore you with pointless things.

-The best 10 miles of the race were the first 10 run with Dewayne Satterfield. He’s been my ultra running idol since before I even started. He’s an incredible runner, positive role model, has done some awesome stuff in his running career, and shares some of the same faith convictions that I have. Thanks for spending some time with me Dewayne.

-Running 100 miles should never be taken lightly. This race took a much bigger tole on me than the GA Death Race. I’m not sure if it’s that my training is in the mountains, the weather, or the fact that it was 32 miles longer. I know that running on that flat loop did some stuff to my joints that running in the mountains a couple weeks ago did not. So 100 miles is hard.

-Chafing is my worst enemy right now. I am on the lookout for great compression shorts for this summer. All recommendations welcome. No need to go in further detail.

-People who run ultras are typically awesome people. Wayne, Dane, and Dewayne are great examples of awesome people out there running with me. Had an awesome time talking with all y’all.

-Ramen noodles are good.

-Ultragen and Dr. Pepper are my go to energy source right now. I have to alternate them because unfortunately they are not good mixed together šŸ™‚ New flavor idea for First Endurance!

-Kena and Perry are 2 of my favorite people in the running community! Great race organization, great encouragement, and most importantly great friends.

-Brack brings the best post-race drinks. He’s a pretty good pacer/crew as well. He always makes me eat stuff and usually succeeds. Brack, you have to tell Amy your secret before this summer, because I will die if you don’t.

-God will always finish what he starts, always.

Operation Endurance 24 Hour:
miles- 100.5
time- 19:45

Weekly mileage- 112.5
Weekly time- 25 hours?

Thanks for the support. Be praying for us as we plan for the final fundraiser to complete our funding for this summer at the beginning of May. I will be doing a 33 hour run on Broad Street at the beginning of May in honor of my 33rd birthday. We will be doing a giveaway in which you purchase tickets and we draw for the winners of the items. Please let me know on here or on Facebook if you have an item or a service that you would like to donate!


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