Rest week, really.

So as I enter into a period of training in which I will add in some sleep deprivation, 150-200 mile weeks, and lots of mountains, I decided to take a real rest week. I also used this week to purchase an RV that we will be living in this summer as “the crew” will need somewhere to live. And I got some important logistics on paper. When planning mileage each day, I begin to experience some excitement welling up in my spirit. I mean this is actually happening. We have a vehicle, I have a great base in training, and I have a crew. There is a little more fund raising we are working on and obviously another another few weeks of very important training. For the most part though, we are set to do this thing!

The next few weeks will be back to the grind of daily mileage with a lot more hiking than normal. The toughest part for me is to begin getting up super early, so we will see how it goes this week. Amy is on spring break and will be taking Malachi and picking him up from school, so I have no excuses. I am looking forward to seeing how this week goes.

A little more info on the fundraiser. On May 3-4 we will be doing our final fundraiser in hopes of raising the remaining funds needed to be supported on the speed record attempt. It will be a 33 hour run on the blocks from Clocktower Hill down to Broad Street and back. We will be selling giveaway tickets for $5/ticket, $20/5 tickets, $100/30 tickets, $250/100 tickets. We will have some incredible items to giveaway and you can choose which items you put your tickets in. So far we have a 2001 Taylor Acoustic Guitar valued at over $1000, 3 different packages from ACW Landscapes valued at over $500 a piece (1 month lawn maintenance, 1 lawn and landscape cleanup, pine straw up to 50 bales) He also added a free landscape consultation with design this year! Lindsey Lynch at Seven Hills Salon has donated 1 mens and 1 women’s haircut. Brand Red Ideas will have a package, and I am gunning for at least 1 free Chick-fil-A for a year!!! That one is not confirmed yet. This is just the beginning of the prizes, so stay tuned for more. We are hoping for somewhere between 30-40 awesome prizes, so if you have something to donate please send me a message.


One thought on “Rest week, really.

  1. Drew and Amy, this is Tom Warren. My dad David told me about what you guys are doing. Could you send me your email address? You guys are awesome!

    Ps. Steve would be proud!

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