Philippines or Nah

One of the most incredibly supportive friends in this journey will be joining in on the adventure. Not only that, but her faith is one of the primary examples of what gave us the push to immerse ourself in the mission Running for Eden.

Beth Barron

As I noted in my last post, April was a full month.

I spent the first weekend in Arkansas with my dear friend, Liz. Any time spent with her is edifying and incredibly fun. We rocked out to Miley, ate good food, met this church family that seems pretty great, took a long walk, did some social things, shopped, went to Missouri, cooked, watched movies from Redbox and had a Mindy marathon. I saw my first prairie and rode in a car with Lizzie driving for the first time ever! Our friendship is pretty special – we started out as friends on Twitter discussing what to take on that wild adventure we were on last year, and it just grew from there. She calls me out and encourages me like no other and I appreciate that more than words.

In the midst of our conversations, my trip to the Philippines…

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