Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts!

(This was written Sunday – sorry for the late post!)


I have a lot to celebrate this week! I made it out of New Hampshire and Vermont 🙂 Last night I crossed into Massachusetts where I am spending my Sunday. As expected, Vermont wasn’t as tough as NH, but it was no cakewalk.

Monday was spent climbing the last of the NH mountains, followed by a 47 mile day on Tuesday into VT. I was met in Hanover by a friend from high school who treated me to the best burger I’ve ever eaten, thank you Matthew! Wednesday was rough. I began the day hoping for 50 miles. I made it to 22 miles and was exhausted, took a 20 minute nap before the next 5 mile section. When I woke up, a storm was on its way. I made my way up the mountain, and just as I was near the top, a lightening storm was on top of me. With most of this section being on the ridgeline, I had to book it back down to get out of the lightning storm. I waited for the lightning to pass over for an hour and a half. But, during that time I let my emotions get the best of me. I mentally quit for the day. So I walked around trying to get a signal to call Ryan. Finally, I got him and 45 minutes later I was on the way to the campground. This was easily the lowest point I’ve hit on this journey so far. The next 3 days I did bounce back and seemed to feel letter each day.

I am running more and walking less, and it feels really good. My only issue now is my Achilles began to tighten midday yesterday. I hope icing and resting today will resolve that though.

Brack and Beth are getting here today, which means I have my first pacer as well as another person to join the crew. I am truly hoping that the combination of a pacer and less elevation change per day could possibly mean big miles this week. As always these are my preferences, but ultimately God will lead me on the daily and weekly journey he desires. The words “nevertheless, not my will but yours be done” continue to pop into my head multiple times every day.

Thank y’all for praying for this journey. I am anxious as to what the outcome will be. I know God is at work, and I know he is making himself known in this unconventional journey.


19 days: 597 miles


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